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Rescue Church is a rapidly growing multi-generational, multi-cultural church in Brooklyn, NY with people from almost every denominational background…including those with no church background at all. We truly believe your experience at Rescue Church will be unlike any church service you have ever attended before.

Rescue is a church called to present the Gospel to the lost.  We are committed to teaching the Word of God in balance and practicality, discipling generations and impacting nations.  Our teaching will show you how to apply biblical truth in every facet of your life in knowing who you are in Christ Jesus as well as encouraging and empowering you as a Born-again Believer. We want to influence you (let your light shine) in every aspect of the world around you.  Rescue is a place of deliverance, healing, freedom, restoration and breakthrough.

Rescue Church is the perfect church for imperfect people, none of us have “arrived”.   From the dynamic praise and worship, and the engaging messages….we actually believe we are the hardest church in America to fall asleep in! Come see the difference for yourself and let’s enjoy the journey together. There is a place here just for you where you can begin to develop a vibrant, exciting relationship with Jesus Christ and discover your divine destiny!


We hope to see you soon. Join us for in-person or online live-streamed services on Sundays at 3 PM EST, Bible Study Tuesday at 8 PM EST and Prayer on Thursdays at 8 PM EST.   Remember, God loves you as if you are the only person in this world to love!



Rescue Church is casual. You’ll find people in bling-bling, blue jeans, t-shirts, dresses, suits and ties.  Wear whatever makes you the most comfortable just as long as it is decent.  God is a God of hearts!



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